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Cookbook for Data Spaces


The iSHARE Cookbook for Data Spaces is designed to explain data spaces in a simple way for everyone, without using technical language. It focuses on practical, real-world applications that are relevant on today’s concept. We will guide you through the concept behind data spaces, the essential components for their functionality, and, most importantly, how to create them. This guide is intended to assist you in designing and establishing functional data spaces that empower data owners with control.

Within the iSHARE Cookbook for Data Spaces, you find will comprehensive information on the following key aspects:

  • Layers in Data Spaces
  • Roles within Data Spaces
  • Building Blocks of Data Spaces
  • Variations and options within Building Blocks
  • How to start with Data Spaces and Building Blocks
  • Interoperability among Data Spaces
  • Practical Data Spaces examples 
  • A step-by-step approach to getting started with Data Spaces

Data spaces are crucial as they enable the harnessing of untapped data potential from various sources, transforming them into valuable assets under your organisation’s full control.

Some examples of data spaces include:

  • DVU: This data space aims to provide rapid access and in-depth insights into real-time energy consumption within commercial properties in the Netherlands. It enables systematic comparisons of energy consumption per square meter across different building types. Ongoing enhancements are focused on improving data accessibility and ensuring secure data sharing.
  • SCSN: The Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN) is a data standard designed to optimize the flow of supply chain information. It simplifies data transmission, reception, and processing, streamlining efficient and accurate data exchange among supply chain stakeholders. By enhancing information exchange securely and compatibility, SCSN enhances supply chain productivity, benefiting involved companies.
  • Catena-X: Catena-X is a robust platform connecting participants across the automotive industry value chain. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, it creates an open, organization-wide system. Catena-X empowers service providers to dictate participation, terms, timing, and data-sharing methods, ensuring data exchange aligns with their preferences.

These are few examples; many more can be found on our Inspiration page.

We firmly believe that adopting a systemic, value chain-oriented approach driven by data and data permissions will act as a catalyst for the innovations that will shape the next decades. This necessitates breaking down barriers and embracing collaboration across the entire ecosystem to drive meaningful change and unlock the full potential of data-driven innovation.

Download the iSHARE Cookbook for Data Spaces to take the first step towards a better world by harnessing the power of existing data! 

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