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The Foundation

Independent, transparent and non-profit

The iSHARE Foundation is an international non-profit foundation, under Dutch law (Stichting). Comprises both public sector and private participants. The foundation has assumed full responsibility for the development and maintenance of the iSHARE specifications, legal trust framework, building blocks and the iSHARE services and implementation across Europe. While also, safeguarding the trust in the iSHARE network.

The Supervisory Board monitors the Foundation’s policy. Additionally, there is a Council of Participants formed by the iSHARE Implementation Partners, and a Change Advisory Board which provides the Foundation with practical advice about the further development of the scheme. 

The participants in the iSHARE Trust network are registered through iSHARE Satellite Service Providers. Thus ensuring high level governance and continuation of the agreement infrastructure. 

iSHARE is working towards providing its stakeholders with widely accepted technology standards and specifications, while ensuring sustainability and promoting and supporting the wider use of the iSHARE network, specifications, building blocks and services.

The foundation is governed by the participating data spaces through the council of participants, who with that steer the directions of the standard and appoint the supervisory board.