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Governance of the Foundation

The governance of the iSHARE Foundation is organised in a manner that the iSHARE Network can operate and grow in a sustainable way. At the same time, its governance provides the appropriate checks and balances that will allow iSHARE Participants to provide input, supervise ongoing activities and collaboratively influence the growth and development of the iSHARE Standard and Scheme.

governance structure of the iSHARE Foundation

Rules about the foundation’s organisation and its governance framework are captured in the statutes of the iSHARE Foundation. The iSHARE Foundation is listed in the Commercial Register (Handelsregister) maintained by the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) under registration number 73058289.

Data Spaces appoint members in iSHARE Foundation

Data spaces are developed by and for participants, data spaces that use iSHARE as trust framework get a seat in the iSHARE governance structure and through that structure have an influence on the further development and representation of the interest of the data space:

Process of Data Spaces appointing members to the iSHARE Foundation

Data Space Governance run independent

Data Spaces build upon iSHARE’s trust framework define their own standards and working and governance. Within that governance data spaces decide on the Taxonomy, Interoperability and Value creation of the data within the data space.

Explanation of the independent operation of Data Space Governance

Trust Governance

iSHARE Foundation certifies iSHARE Satellites, Authorisation Registers and Identity providers, to enable data sovereignty in data spaces. These parties will be audited regularly to assure the processes and level of trust in the network.

Further Reading

The following page describes the governance framework of the iSHARE Scheme. Please, see below for detailed descriptions: Governance Framework