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Legal Aspects

Role-Specific AgreementsĀ 

Participants in a data space/iSHARE network must comply with legal, operational, and technical agreements. These agreements are role-specific, depending on the participant's role within the data space. To ensure adherence to these agreements, participants all agree to common terms of use and their role-specific agreements.

The iSHARE Trust Framework includes agreements, like Terms of Use, Accession Agreements for Certified Parties and Adhering Parties, and a data space agreement. Organisations sign a combination of these agreements based on their roles. Terms of use and Accession Agreement are mandatory for all, and the Data Space Governance Authority signs the Satellite or data space agreement.

Data Usage Licences

Licences are a vital part of the iSHARE Trust Framework, offering clear, legally supported guidelines for service consumption and data exchange. Policies stored in Authorization Registries reference these licences, allowing entitled parties to specify data usage permissions. All agreements bind the participants, enabling them to request adherence to the provided licences. These licences are technically verifiable and readable.

The Scheme Owner oversees the common list of licences, with input from the Change Advisory Board and the Council of Participants. There is an extensive list of data licences that every data space may have, which they govern and maintain. Data spaces add and share new licences. Get in touch with the Data Space Governance Authority or the Scheme Owner to request the addition of a licence.

These legal aspects of the Trust Framework ensure participants' compliance with essential agreements, like terms of use and data usage licences, for secure and legally supported data sharing.

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