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Data Spaces

Data Spaces are collaborative environments where data can be shared among trusted partners, and they collaborate on common standards, tapping into vast, untapped data across multiple sectors. They ensure secure exchanges through standard agreements, certification, and technology components to pave the way for data space innovation.  

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iSHARE’s Role in Data Spaces

The iSHARE Trust Framework enables collaboration and interoperability in data spaces, establishing strategic partnerships across various domains. Collaborations with data spaces like BDI and DVU have expanded the iSHARE Foundation’s reach and influence. 

Discover the Current Data Spaces under the Trust Framework

The Future of Data Spaces with iSHARE

We’re pioneering a more structured approach for data spaces interested in iSHARE Trust Framework adoption. This template is designed to serve as bridging documentation for introducing specific additions to data spaces while maintaining references to the Trust Framework.

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