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The iSHARE organization is a nimble and lightweight organization to keep the costs low but of course maximise impact. Please refer to the Governance structure on our Governance page.

The outline structure is as follows: 

Supervisory Board

Appointing the Executive Board and supervising the sustainable development and deployment of the iSHARE network on behalf of the Sponsors and Participating Data Spaces:

  • Drs. J.Al

    (Former Chief Engineer with Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water) Chair of the Supervisory Board and appointed by Topsector Logistics

  • Drs. F. Bisschop

    (Former Managing Director of Districon) Member of the Supervisory board and appointed by the Council of Participants

  • Non-Executive Director - Open Vacancy

    For further information, please check our career page.

Executive Board

  • Drs. Ing. G.C. van der Hoeven

    (Former tech CEO and current entrepreneur) Executive Director of iSHARE Foundation 

Executive team 

  • MsC. R. Rajani

    MsC. R. Rajani (Former Lead Architect for iSHARE Project at Innopay) Chief Technologist for iSHARE Foundation

Teams in iSHARE Foundation

  • Trust Governance (outsourced auditing) 
  • Standard Development (under leadership of our CTO) 
  • Marketing & Stakeholder management 
  • Administration
  • Programmes (fi. i4Trust)  
  • Change Advisory Board

    Scheduled every quarter by iSHARE Foundation team, check out event calendar for details

  • Council of Participants

    Scheduled every quarter by iSHARE team, check out event calendar for details

If you are interested in working with iSHARE Foundation and build along on our purpose check out our open positions are careers.