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iSHARE’s Trust Network is shaping the data spaces landscape to operate in a data sovereign way. For this reason, we’re in close collaboration with other initiatives to drive convergence in the development of Data Spaces.

Some of our collaborations are: 

Reference architecture frameworks

  • International Data Spaces Association

    We have a long standing relationship with the IDSA team and we have been growing alongside each other. iSHARE is seen as one of the IDS Connector levels for Data Sovereignty, read more here

  • Gaia-X

    The Gaia initiative is closely linked to how iSHARE works today, with data sovereignty in the core.


    The FIWARE Context Broker technology link CEF Building Block are fully compatible with iSHARE.

  • Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud (CoE-DSC)

    The CoE-DSC supports organizations in establishing trust mechanisms for, and facilitating, secure and trusted data sharing so they can take advantage of business opportunities across sectoral and geographic boundaries.

  • NL AI Coalitie

    The NL AIC is a public-private partnership in which the government, the business sector, educational and research institutions, as well as civil society organizations collaborate to accelerate and connect AI developments and initiatives.