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Operational Aspects

The iSHARE Trust Framework defines a comprehensive set of operational procedures designed to facilitate including, removing, or adjusting participants in a data space, as well as handling warnings, suspensions, exclusions, incidents, and releases. The Data Space Governance Authority efficiently manages the admission of potential participants to the data spaces, while the Scheme Owner (currently, the iSHARE Foundation) assumes responsibility for the remaining operational procedures and onboarding of the Data Space Governance Authority. 

The primary objective of the admission process is to facilitate secure and smooth onboarding of potential participants into the data space/iSHARE Network. A well-structured admission process is crucial for building trust in the iSHARE Trust Framework. It ensures that all parties entering into an Accession Agreement meet the Framework’s accession criteria, thereby bolstering trust and reliability. 

By adhering to these procedures, organisations can streamline their operations, enhance security, and contribute to a more collaborative and efficient data-sharing ecosystem.

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