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iSHARE is the European standard for and trust network of international business data sharing in a sovereign way, governed by iSHARE Foundation. Enabling federated trust governance of data spaces.

Organizations part of the iSHARE Network, the data owners, data providers and data consumers, all signed the same NDA & Terms of Use. Each party is validated in the registration process by iSHARE Satellites to assure trusted onboarding. Through the federated Authorization Registry, Service Providers Data Owners give consent on data attributes available at Data Providers specifically to selected Data Consumers with the use of licenses.

In this scheme of collaboration, based on iSHARE technical specifications, parties can really put data to work, wherever the data is stored at SaaS providers in the iSHARE network or at data owners own services. WIth the use of the pointers of parties in the iSHARE Distributed Ledger formed by the Satellite nodes, parties can discover eachothers capabilities, across data spaces, segments and geographies.

With the iSHARE trust framework we are enabling and providing with the iSHARE Service providers the base components of data spaces, in line with design principles, but also in line with the bigger solution architectures like International Data Spaces Association and Gaia-X. Closely working with the international community on data standards and other building blocks for data spaces, like FIWARE, FEDeRATED, OTM, to really drive data spaces across Europe!

With data of over 100.000 organizations available in the network to date and growing to over 1.000.000 in 2022, and over 25 data spaces in sectors like mobility, energy and many others in the making, we enable Europe in practice to become and stay data sovereign and get the most out of data for a better and more sustainable economy and world.