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The iSHARE Trust Framework sets the standard for international business data sharing, enabling federated trust governance of data spaces.

Organisations within the iSHARE Network, including data owners, data providers and data consumers, all adhere to the same Agreements and Terms of Use. Each party undergoes validation during the admission process to ensure trusted onboarding. 

Through the federated Authorization Registry, Data Owners grant consent on data attributes specifically to selected Data Consumers using licences. With pointers to parties’ endpoints in the entire network of Trusted Participants (Distributed Ledger), formed by the individual Participant Registry nodes of each data space, parties can discover each other’s capabilities, across data spaces, sectors and geographies.

With the iSHARE Trust Framework, base components are available for data spaces, aligned with design principles and solution architectures like the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and Gaia-X. The foundation collaborates closely with the international community on data standards and other building blocks for data spaces, like FIWARE, FEDeRATED, Online Talent Management (OTM), to drive data spaces worldwide.

With data of over 100.000 organisations available in the network to date and expected to grow to over 1.000.000 in 2024, and with over 25 data spaces in sectors like mobility, energy and others in development, the iSHARE Trust Framework enables data sovereignty and facilitates maximising the potential of data for a better and more sustainable economy and world.

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