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iSHARE Data Licenses explained

Within the iSHARE one of the core components are the explicit and legally covered instructions on how a service may be consumed or under which conditions data is exchanged. These instructions or conditions are called ‘licenses’. Licenses are a crucial part of iSHARE, because they provide its participants the possibility to clearly state what is and what is not allowed. Since all iSHARE participants are bound to the same contract (Terms of Use) and underlying scheme rules, participants can appeal to each other to follow the provided licenses. participants can request addition of a license by submitting a request.

These licences are technically verifiable and readable, and hence form a valid foundation under the trust framework. Since the use of data can vary on all ends, the list of licences are governed by the Change Advisory Board and Council of Participants. Through this process new licences are generated and shared throughout the network.

As a practical and real life example on how this works;

  • An organisation consumes energy and needs to report to the government on this consumption
  • The government request access to this data service with a predefined license : 0007 , only processing with data of others, and non commercial use only.
  • The organisation grants access to the data service for a period of 1 year with license 0007 only to that governmental organisation.
  • On sharing the token provided by the iSHARE autorisation register of choice will provide the license as a pre-ample of the share.
  • With that the organisation has legally and technical assurance that the data is shared only with that organisation, and legal assurance that its data only will be used for generation of combined reports with a non profit nature.

When a data space requires additional licences a simple request through their representation in the Change Advisory Board of iSHARE will get the additional license proccessed.

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