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iSHARE Capabilities End-point explained

When exchanging data with parties without a bilateral arrangement, of course you don’t want to send an e-mail ”where is your data”. Especially in fully federated and decentralized data spaces this discovery is crucial. And in line with other architectures like IDSa and Gaia-X, options like DABS or marketplaces are a great route to start. But .. where to start in all of that. Where is a parties data, on what marketplace, at what service provider, and with what format/data/service?

Therefore, the iSHARE framework and ledger accomodate the “capabilities endpoint” of particiants, directly available in the distributed ledger, requestable from the API’s of the satellite in your data space. Just start with the search to the name, url or company identifier of the organisation you want to communicate with.

On your request you get the ”roadsign” where to start communicating with that participant, to retreive the data endpoints and the details of those endpoints. Not only the URL, but also the available objects/data fields, availability (public/private) and other features.

Next to these starting points, also in the ledger you can retreive the pointer to the authorisation register(s) chosen by that organisation/participant. Since that is either a commercial service provider or a home developed version the organisation can decide to connect specific data sets to specific autorisation registries. WIth the Autorisation URL you can prerequest autorisation to a private or restriced data set, before hand and provide the data service provider with this evidence, or let the service provider solve that for you as data consumer.