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Foundation Structure

The iSHARE Foundation is designed to ensure the efficient operations and sustainable growth of the network using the Trust Framework, and it is an integral part of the governance. This section provides an overview of the iSHARE Foundation structure:

iSHARE Foundation Structure (Scheme Owner)

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of the iSHARE Foundation. The Supervisory and Executive Board maintain regular and transparent communication to ensure the flawless decision-making and functioning of the Foundation.

Along with the Executive Board, the Foundation’s core teams are presently growing as well. The Foundation’s operations are supported by its Operational, Marketing & Communications, and Technical Architecture teams.

These teams ensure that their activities support three primary objectives:

Trust Governance

Trust Governance is crucial for the iSHARE Trust Framework, given its emphasis on secure data sharing. The Trust Governance activities include policies, procedures, and mechanisms to ensure participants can trust the Foundation and its Trust Framework. 

The Foundation emphasises: 

  • Information Security
  • Decentralised Governance for its own functioning
  • Democratic procedures for Change Management


The Foundation's marketing efforts are focused on driving data sharing and digitalisation in various initiatives, promoting the iSHARE Trust Framework, raising awareness, and encouraging adoption among stakeholders across industries. To reach interoperable data spaces with other major players in the industry, the Foundation also focuses on participating in industry events, and collaborating with different partners.

Standard Management

The iSHARE Trust Framework is developed, maintained, and updated as part of standard management. Different teams are in charge of establishing and updating the technical standards that specify how data sharing is implemented with the iSHARE Trust Framework. The Trust Framework's change management process involves an active community of key stakeholders and industry experts. Collaboration with industry experts, stakeholders, and user feedback is essential to the Framework's ongoing development.

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