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  • iSHARE Foundation is a non-profit organisation maintaining the iSHARE Trust Framework, which consists of agreements and technical specifications that facilitate secure data exchange between organisations

  • A data space essentially is an environment where data is shared between trusted partners who adhere to the same standards and guidelines regarding the sharing and storage of this data within one or more ecosystems.

    Learn more about this topic in our Cookbook for Data Spaces.

  • Trust establishes the foundation for organisations to exchange data with confidence. It ensures that data is used appropriately and that parties can rely on its accuracy and reliability.

  • The iSHARE Trust Framework serves as the base layer for a data space, playing a crucial role in ensuring trust and compliance. The Trust Framework provides federated governance and data sovereignty to a data space as well as facilitates user-friendly onboarding of the compliant parties.

  • You can start using the iSHARE Trust Framework for data sharing by implementing the technical specifications, defining your governance and collaborating with like-minded organisations. We provide the DSSC based Data space template to help you define your data space.

  • You will have to comply with the technical specifications as well as the operational and legal agreements set by the data space. Once the Data Space Governing Authority or other delegated entity or organisation has verified that you comply with all the necessary requirements, you can join the data space.

    1. Explore the Technical implementation using our Developer portal and the Postman collections to understand the iSHARE flows. 
    2. Request Access to Experimental or Test Data space through
    3. Try Out Adhering Roles using our pre-existing test satellites. 
    4. Deploy your own test data space using our GitHub repository.
    5. Schedule a call with us to discuss further collaboration and setting up a production level data space based on iSHARE Trust Framework.

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