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iSHARE in Data Spaces

The iSHARE Trust Framework promotes collaboration and interoperability within the realm of data spaces, establishing strategic partnerships across diverse domains. Through collaborations with data spaces such as BDI, and DVU, the iSHARE Foundation has expanded its footprint and influence, facilitating seamless data exchange and fostering innovation. As we support the creation and development of data spaces and projects, the Foundation engages with sectors such as Logistics and Energy, aiming to amplify its impact and replicate success across multiple verticals.

Data spaces operating within the Trust Framework work collaboratively with the Foundation for both adoption and change management. These Data Spaces serve as key stakeholders in the Trust Framework, with responsibilities including requesting new changes to the Framework and contributing to its alignment with the latest industry standards. The Council of Participants and the Change Advisory Board include representatives from Data Spaces that have adopted the Trust Framework. 

The current data spaces or initiatives collaborating with the Foundation and operating based on the Trust Framework are:

What Next for Data Spaces?

We are currently developing a more structured, collaborative approach with data spaces/organisations interested in using the iSHARE Trust Framework or in the process of adopting it through a data space template. This template will serve as a bridging documentation to ensure better alignment to introduce specific additions to data spaces while maintaining references to the Trust Framework. This approach will aid in version management and interoperability among different data spaces, thereby extending the scope of the iSHARE Trust Framework and its usability. 

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