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iSHARE Support

After reading the information on this website, if you would like to discuss anything with us, onboard on the network click here, see the details here, or check here or any other questions just drop us a note via or connect on Slack.

iSHARE Change Advisory Board

If you have any suggestions to improve the iSHARE Data Sharing Scheme, please send an to the change advisory board, leave suggestions on the forum, join our slack or just reach out on Linkedin

iSHARE Council of Participants

The council is also available on the iSHARE Slack channel or on the forum, or drop them a note on

iSHARE Press

If you have any questions, need for presentations, interviews, speakers on data sovereignty or data spaces please reach out on

Our Address

iSHARE Foundation
Villapark 7
+31 103046125


You can park your car in the parking in front of our office and we welcome you with a cup of coffee!