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iSHARE Satellite explained

The iSHARE satellite role is the core item of the iSHARE trust network, as core coordinator and governance core in a data space. Therefore the iSHARE satellite is operated by coordinating organisations within a data space that operated and onboard participants. Organisations acting as Satellite onboard participants into the iSHARE Distributed Ledger to be able to registered and discovered in and across data spaces. 

The iSHARE Satellite is the role of Scheme Administrator in the entire scheme allowing all stages of participants

  • Admission : Trusted registration of participants that are validated.
  • Withdrawal : Permanent termination of participants that crossed the lines or ignore warnings.
  • Warnings, Suspension and Exclusion
  • Changes and updates : Register additional data to participants on their behalf, like additional data spaces, additional data fields, new Authorisation registers.

Since iSHARE is a cross domain, sector and data space trust framework the registration is done along the lines of the general terms of iSHARE in all data spaces using iSHARE as trust anchor or trust foundation.

Within the iSHARE Node (which is in line with the ParIS Role in International Data Spaces Association), data space administrators can register participants with 

  • Their unique ID (EORI numbers in line with EU Identification) and 
  • EIDAS identification and
  • only for service providers and consumers and certified parties: public key and,  
  • Register signed Terms of Use and possible additional terms and 
  • Additionally checking the Chamber of Commerce documentation to assure that the contract is legally signed

For the administration of participants we have the web interface on the Satellite Node or API’s to it for automated registration:

The administration of participants we have the webinterface on the Satellite Node or API’s to it for automated registration:

To allow for automated participant discovery in data spaces there are a few end-points defined that provide all details of the participants that are available in the ledger. Check out this page for further details on what is stored in the ledger.

To enable smooth operation of all participants in your data space we enable you to use the different free options that are specifically for your data space:

  • Data Space Specific additional terms and agreements, like SLA’s, Operational requirements or additional legal, on top of the iSHARE Terms of Use.
  • Tags to enable specific additions to your participants ( where Role, Segment, Country, City etc don’t cover your need)
  • Data Space Definition URL