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Smart Energy - Solar Charge API

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Fostering data interoperability between EV Charging Stakeholders.

i4Trust Experiment: Solar Charge API

Fostering data interoperability between EV Charging Stakeholders.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: Data interoperability in EV charging Data exchange that is required to implement smart charging incentives is hampered by discrepancies in data formats of different stakeholders. For example, data from EV Charging stations are usually formatted differently since each EV Charging Station software may utilize different data models. Similarly, charging station management applications cannot easily request and receive standardized data from Solar Energy producers or rooftop solar asset managers. Every new data source may require data transformation before the data can be utilized by charging station operators.

Challenge 2: Remuneration of data providers Real-time data for solar energy production from assets in specific regions or historic energy demand in charging stations are proprietary data that are not publicly available. To enable access to the data, the data providers need to receive remuneration for the data they provide. Structuring data monetization agreements is a complex process that may not be viable for bilateral exchanges between two medium-sized parties. This emphasizes the need for a middleware service that aggregates data sources (open and proprietary).

The Solution

The consortium will design and deploy a data space for e-mobility and energy stakeholders that receives data from multiple sources, structures that data, and enables other stakeholders to access the data for the regions of interest. The data space will initially be deployed for regions in Greece and Cyprus. Innovation Center Nikola Tesla from Croatia will operate as a trusted 3rd Party to ensure that data exchange between parties complies with rules and agreements between the counterparties.

Business Projections – Scalability

EV charging and renewable energy data are heavily fragmented between stakeholders. The deployment of the dataspace within the scope of this proposal will support data interchange between stakeholders in Greece and Cyprus and enable technology developers Parity Platform and Gridone to test their software components in actual conditions. After the initial deployment and operation, the dataspace architecture can be adapted to meet the needs of new geographies and foster collaboration in other energy markets.

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