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Data Spaces

Establishing or evolving a data space involves critical elements, adopting a federated infrastructure capable of driving substantial change

To begin utilising the iSHARE Trust Framework and the Participant Registry for your data space: 

  1. Bring together parties with a shared interest in data sharing. Establish contracts and legal coverage for data exchange, including user licences and digital contracts for each data interaction.
  2. Determine the minimum data quality and service availability requirements. Refer to our DSSC based data space template for guidance.
  3. Consider additional security measures in data services for interaction between service consumers and providers.
  4. Utilise the Participant Registry to register organisations within the new ecosystem and establish authorisations, ensuring compliance with the data space agreements.
  5. Connect the service provider by:
    1. Signing the terms of use and the onboarding procedure (Accession Agreement)
    2. Deploying the connector and implementing the API specifications 
    3. Establishing the data service (e.g. based on a Linked Data standard) along with the basic service covering essential application needs. Test the connector implementation using a test bed, Conformance Testing Tool (CTT) or alternative approach.

By adopting the iSHARE Trust Framework, organisations can streamline their data sharing processes, ensure compliance with legal standards, and enhance trust among participants.

To learn more about how the iSHARE Trust Framework helps to start your data space and explore implementation options