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i4Trust is a collaborative initiative that brought together FIWARE Foundation, iSHARE Foundation, and FundingBox to revolutionise data sharing. It serves as a facilitator for innovation to address real-world challenges through data-sharing solutions:

  1. The FIWARE Foundation provides open-source Business Ecosystem components, such as the FIWARE Data Space Connector and global intermediary services like Marketplace.
  2. The iSHARE Foundation provides the iSHARE Trust Framework and expert guidance on technical implementation and establishing governance for data spaces.
  3. FundingBox contributes expertise in managing cascade funding projects, accelerator programs, and overall business implementation around FIWARE and iSHARE building blocks.

Together, the i4Trust program pioneers collaboration for effective data exchange, publication, and trading.

About i4Trust

i4Trust introduces a fresh approach to accelerating data spaces, combined with mentoring, certifications, and funding to boost the creation of Data Spaces. It supports ecosystems of collaborating SMEs and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), where innovative services are centred around data value chains.

  • Technology Building Blocks: An integrated suite of mature open standard-based technology from iSHARE and FIWARE.
  • Trust & Governance: Governed by business/legal, operational, and organizational agreements like the iSHARE Trust Framework.
  • Supporting Experiments: 30 Bottom-up Experiments (BuEs) involving at least 150 SMEs and 30 DIHs to build trust with data users and suppliers

B2B Data Sharing Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program guides Bottom-Up Experiments through a 9-month journey with customised services, articulated in 4 milestones. It aims to meet the needs of involved SMEs and slightly larger companies.

  • Expert Support: Mentors from iSHARE, FIWARE, and FundingBox provide necessary support and mentoring.
  • Local Expertise: DIHs contribute their experience in technology implementation, ensuring trust and security in creating data spaces.