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Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) develops and manages data for smart, sustainable urbanisation and mobility solutions. Within the DMI ecosystem, participants operate within socially responsible frameworks and clear agreements on data quality and usage. Standardised tools are accessible to all on equal terms. In essence, the DMI ecosystem provides a comprehensive overview of available data while focusing on findability, transparency, responsibility, and reliability.

Challenge and Context

Urbanisation and mobility suppliers face significant challenges in reducing CO2 and nitrogen emissions. Urgent adjustments are needed in the built environment, mobility systems, energy networks, and public finances to address climate issues. This requires coordination of policies and investments among stakeholders to accelerate smart and sustainable urbanisation. Maximising the potential of information technology is essential for efficient data processing and integration while enabling controlled access.


The DMI ecosystem offers a comprehensive solution for managing collective facilities and improving data accessibility and discoverability. Through the Appointment System, participants can offer and access products and services, resulting in the development of improved data sources. The ecosystem prioritises data-driven decision-making in municipalities and monitors their progress by visualising opportunities and threats. Regular evaluations are done for improvements in sustainability, urban compaction, and mobility renewal, providing new scalable and manageable data-sharing solutions.

How it works

The DMI Ecosystem operates as a federated data space, utilising the iSHARE Trust Framework. Through agreements among parties in the PDC (Predictable Data Centers), it enables access to products or services. Within the DMI ecosystem, data progresses through several stages, starting with raw data sourced from various domains, undergoing enrichment by integrating with other datasets. All processes are governed by the General Provisions of the DMI ecosystem, ensuring the safe and reliable use of data.

Added Value Through the iSHARE Trust Framework

The iSHARE Trust Framework provides a robust mechanism for determining data access rights in the DMI ecosystem. It establishes a standard for identification, authentication, and authorisation and enables individual data owners to choose to share their data within reasonable limits. It helps the DMI ecosystem manage data access permissions, enhancing transparency and facilitating seamless collaboration among participants.


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