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Intelligent Infrastructure Conference

Digitizing National Infrastructure to Prepare for the Next Generation of Growth.

Integrated intelligent infrastructure is an essential platform to accelerate economic growth into the new digitized age. It provides a new fundamental shared platform to:

  • Rationalize existing and enable new public services
  • Reduce inequalities and provide an environment fostering equal opportunities
  • Manage more effectively risks and create a more resilient infrastructure
  • Create the right physical and digital environment to support the industry at large in their effort to embrace the fourth industrial revolution and leverage the new business opportunities being created
  • All of this has to be done in a way that will be environmentally friendly and as much as possible “carbon free

During this conference the critical challenges in making this new innovation a reality will be addressed, including finding new models for collaboration on shared infrastructure, new models for sharing data, new approaches to standards, regulation & compliance, and implementations of the latest technologies.

iSHARE Executive Director Gerard van der Hoeven will be among the speakers during the ‘Creating the Sovereign Data Platform’ session on Tuesday, June 6th at 11.15.

Why to attend the conference:

  • Understand the different technologies needed to build an intelligent infrastructure
  • Discuss the different financing opportunities
  • Discuss and see early examples of Intelligent Infrastructure

Read more about the event, meet all the speakers, check the agenda and REGISTER here.