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EU Data Logistics Festival

During the Festival, the 15 FEDeRATED project partners will share with you the results of 5 years of work promoting real-time logistics data sharing in more than 15 countries and engaging more than 200 stakeholders – both from business and public authorities.

What works and what does not work in decentralized data-based logistics?
How should an operational framework to realize seamless multimodal freight transport and logistics look like?
All stakeholders interested in structurally solving the current bottlenecks in data-sharing practices are invited to participate in the Event. Actually, insufficient supply chain visibility is a problem for all. Tackling this problem requires us to move into the action zone. We need a both-feet-on-the-ground approach. The FEDeRATED call is to enhance EU operational brainpower in data based logistics, both for business and public authorities.

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