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Ute Burkhardt Appointed to iSHARE Foundation’s Supervisory Board

With a rich background in digitising supply chains, Ute aims to enhance data usage and collaboration in the automotive industry to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Ute Burkhardt, with over 30 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management, has been recently appointed by the Council of Participants to the Supervisory Board of the iSHARE Foundation. Ute’s extensive career includes roles at major organisations such as Volkswagen AG, Catena-X and the International Data Spaces Association.

As a Data Spaces Ambassador within the Volkswagen Group, Ute has been instrumental in pioneering initiatives to secure and optimise data sharing in supply chains. A native German, Fluent in English and Spanish, conversational French, her linguistic skills have enabled her to forge significant international collaborations, enhancing her impact in various global markets.

Upon her new appointment, Ute shared her vision for her role at iSHARE: “I am committed to promoting the concept of data spaces across the automotive industry, enhancing the security and collaboration within data ecosystems. My goal is to standardise supply chain criteria and processes, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the industry while also making a significant impact on sustainability and resilience in supply chains.”

At iSHARE, Ute aims to enforce the idea of data spaces throughout the automotive industry, ensuring that supply chain participants feel secure and capable of collaborating effectively. Her goals include enabling collaboration in data ecosystems like Catena-X, realising an integrative view on supply chains, showcasing the benefits of data ecosystems, and transferring knowledge to the next generation.

The iSHARE Foundation warmly welcomes Ute Burkhardt to the Supervisory Board. Her pioneering vision for data-driven collaboration and sustainability in supply chains promises to be a valuable asset to the development and further implementation of the iSHARE Trust Framework in more industries.