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Marco Witschge Appointed to iSHARE Foundation’s Supervisory Board

With a vast story in promoting energy efficiency and digital transformation, Marco is poised to enhance the foundation’s initiatives in digital data sharing across industries.

Marco Witschge, a leader deeply committed to energy efficiency and digital innovation, has recently been appointed to the Supervisory Board of the iSHARE Foundation by the Council of Participants.

Marco’s career is marked by significant contributions to sustainable energy initiatives and data sharing protocols. Notably, he has been instrumental in advancing the Dutch Climate Agreement, serving both as a negotiator and an implementer to drive key energy policies and transitions. His expertise extends to managing complex data sharing projects at Techniek Nederland, where he has been pivotal in developing systems for building installation registries since January 2024.

As the founder and CEO of Sustendo, Marco successfully spearheaded efforts to simplify energy efficiency investments for SMEs, demonstrating a notable reduction in energy and carbon emissions through strategic collaborations.

Discussing his appointment at iSHARE, Marco stated, “Joining iSHARE as a Supervisory Board Member at this dynamic juncture is truly exciting. We are poised to broaden our impact, facilitating the first operational dataspaces while expanding internationally. My focus will be on enhancing data sharing frameworks that are not only efficient but also safeguard data sovereignty, aligning closely with global sustainability and circularity goals.”

iSHARE is currently in a growth phase, aiming to establish a reliable ‘plug & play’ standard for federated data sharing that can adapt across various industries and countries promoting a sovereign and transparent digital economy..

The iSHARE Foundation warmly welcomes Marco Witschge, looking forward to his guidance and innovative approach to help steer the organisation towards achieving its objectives in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.