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Workshop on a Common European Mobility and Agricultural Data Space

One day, two workshops! iSHARE director Gerard van der Hoeven was speaking on invitation by the European Commission at the Workshops on the Common European Mobility and Agricultural Data Space, to take European mobility and agriculture DataSpaces to a next level with the iSHARE Trust framework.

Workshop on a Common European Mobility Data Space

Unlocking the potential of mobility data is essential to accelerating the transition towards more sustainable and smarter mobility. Building a common European data space for mobility will facilitate access, pooling and sharing of transport and mobility data, building on existing and future initiatives.

Connected, automated and electric vehicles have recently made major progress, while shared mobility and mobility as a service are transforming the way we move. Data has a crucial role in all these trends. 

Workshop on a Common European Agricultural Data Space

The European Strategy for Data published in February 2020 aims to establish a Single Market for data, where data can flow between countries and sectors, and be accessed and used easily, respecting European values and rules. A Common European Agriculture Data Space is one of the data spaces identified in this strategy.

The objective is to develop a secure and trusted data space to allow the agricultural sector to share and access data transparently, enabling an increase in its economic and environmental performance.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss for instance, program-technical questions, such as eligibility, or aspects related to the possible scope of the action. Moreover, the session is intended to provide an opportunity for matchmaking of potential consortium partners.