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iSHARE Foundation launches iSHARE 2.0


On the second of February, 2022, we launched iSHARE 2.0. With this came the introduction of a new website, the launching of iSHARE Authorities and Satellites, as well as new functionalities.
Did you miss the new-years event? Don’t worry, we uploaded it on youtube.
Let us know whenever you have any questions regarding the event or other questions. You can contact us via

Further reading material is available here:

  • Introduction of the iSHARE Satellite, the DLT based Participant Registration for Data Spaces and cross data space interoperability
  • All data values that you can utilise while building on the iSHARE Trust framework as Data Space.
  • Details of the use of Licenses for Data Sovereignty in the iSHARE network
  • Introduction of Data Space profiles for digital verification of soft infrastructure