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DASLOGIS: a logistics data space


The DASLOGIS (DAtaSpace for LOGIStics) project is aimed at the demonstration and valorisation of a data sharing environment or ‘data space’ for the Dutch logistics sector, referred to as the Dutch Logistics Data Space (DLDS). Organisations within this digital ecosystem will be able to share data effortlessly in an easy and secure manner, plus they will have full control over their data (which is also known as data sovereignty).

The DLDS supports the exchange of three key types of logistics data: transactional data for operational optimisation, big data for analytics purposes and supply chain data for real-time visibility.

DLDS is based on the generic and internationally standardised IDS reference architecture developed by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). The project partners – which include the iSHARE Foundation – are assessing the technical feasibility and business value of a data space for the Dutch logistics sector based on logistics use cases. The project is sponsored by the Dutch Top Sector Knowledge Institute for Advanced Logistics (TKI DINALOG).

The following organisations are involved in the DASLOGIS project:

TNO, BIC (Brainport Industries Campus), University of Twente (UT), iSHARE Foundation, Emons Group, Dexes, ICTU Foundation, Transfiders, Rojo Consultancy, Koninklijke KPN, IJssel Technologies, Marlin Supply Chain Connections, Visma Connect and 4PL Intermodal GmbH.

For more information (in Dutch), go to the TKI Dinalog website.