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OpenTripModel and iSHARE form a powerful duo at data sharing.

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The Uniforme Transport Code Foundation and the iSHARE Foundation are going to work together. They already did, but from this year on a little more than before. Because the open standards of the foundations – OpenTripModel (OTM) and iSHARE – appear to complement each other very well in practice.

OTM is a standard for communication between different systems in logistics. This means that OTM ensures that everyone using this standard “speaks the same language” – it is like a dictionary for logistics. Do you call a truck, “carrier”, “lorry”, “wagon”, or something else? In computer systems, this kind of ambiguity produces an error message. When everyone uses the same names for the same things, data can move more easily from one system to another. OTM is an open standard, which means that all users can modify it for their own use.

But sharing data must be done securely. This is where iSHARE comes into play. iSHARE is the standard for secure and controlled data exchange. Organizations that meet the technical and legal requirements of iSHARE and bear the iSHARE quality mark use the same secure method of identification, authentication and authorization. Data owners have control over their data; they decide who has access to their data, and under what conditions.

Together, OTM and iSHARE provide an environment in which data can be shared effortlessly and securely.

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