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Smart Logistics - GlobShare

i4Trust Logistics
Project focusing on the Data Space creation for Breakbulk Supply Chains.

i4Trust Experiment: GlobShare

The Challenge

Although data and integrations standards are ubiquitous in the consumer packaged goods space and in container transport, breakbulk is characterized by the divers, unstandardized nature of the cargo and very specific requirements of shippers and consignees. This causes the industry to work years behind others when it comes to data sharing and efficient supply chain collaboration. Because of this, the breakbulk industry misses visibility on disruptions, damages, and delays, and its back offices work inefficiently, relying on phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets.

The Solution

As an industry first, Globis and its partners will implement the technologies, principles, and legal framework of i4Trust to create a data space for the steel supply chain of ArcelorMittal, which contains 42 European steel factories that ship more than 20 million tons of steel to their worldwide customers through a network of intermodal logistics service providers (LSP’s).

Business Projections – Scalability

Adding capabilities for the easy creation of and participation in data spaces is a substantial new capability to the Globis platform. As such, they extend their competitive advantage and become the platform made for horizontal cooperation in the supply chain.

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