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Smart Environment - Blockchain4ESG

AgriFood i4Trust
Software for ESG data risk management and processing, accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.

i4Trust Experiment: Blockchain4ESG

Blockchain4ESG provides software solution ESG.Electrodo for ESG data and risk assessment and management.

The Challenge

To date, governments, businesses, and people around the world should coordinate efforts to address climate change. A prime example of coordinating such efforts is the EU Green Deal which sets out a commitment for Europe to be climate neutral by 2050. Most countries around the world have already stepped onto this path, confirming their intention to join these global efforts in their National Green Plans and Strategies 2030-2050. Related climate change challenges are driven partly by the potential for threats to human health, infrastructure, natural resources, energy security, and even international order. Moreover, widely-accepted climate scenarios present critical economic and financial issues. The climate-related and environmental challenges and associated damage are estimated between US$54 trillion and US$69 trillion. That’s why “going green” is not just a matter of “saving the planet”, it is about pursuing economic growth and development that is strategic, resilient, and sustainable.

The Solution

The goal of this project and experiment is to implement the methodology and develop a digital solution ESG.Electrodo application for data value creation that drives and accelerates the transition of industrial enterprises in the Food and Agriculture Industry to a low-carbon economy. We’ll achieve this goal through the implementation of ESG principles based on climate-related data and risk management framework TCFD Recommendations, as well as by carrying out an experiment on the collection, structuring, processing, and sharing (disclosure) of financial material ESG data between the participants of the Food and Agriculture value chain.

Considering the above, ESG.Electrodo solves the problem of ESG data availability, completeness, integrity, and reliability for climate-related risk assessment and management as well as contributes to the resilience and sustainability of the Agrifood industry.

Business Projections – Scalability

We have a business projections plan of 3D scaling:

  • 1D. Cross-program scaling within the EU Innovation ecosystem. By using and piloting the results of the Blockchain4ESG experiment in our Digital Europe project TRUSTFOOD as a training toolset for SME owners, managers, and employees in the Smart Food sector, demonstrating the application of Blockchain for a sustainable Agrifood supply chain.
  • 2D. Cross-sector scaling in the Smart Transportation sector. By adaptation and scaling of the ESG.Electrodo app to the food delivery industry in Singapore.
  • 3D. Cross-border scaling in the APAC region. By piloting the results of the Blockchain4ESG experiment in Singapore and contributing to the Singapore Green Plan 2030 with potential collaboration with the European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Technology.

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