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Smart Buildings - Sharing Sensitive Smart Building Data on AMdEX

Building i4Trust

i4Trust Experiment: Sharing

Sensitive Building Data on AMdEX

The Challenge

Homes, office- and public buildings get smarter every day. Lots of sensors are installed to monitor the inside, outside and usage of buildings and public areas. A lot of sensor data is publicly available for reuse. A lot more sensor streams are not available because they contain too much private or commercially sensitive data to share with anyone. Also, a lot of sensor producers try to collect data from the installed sensors centrally in a closed commercial bulb which makes it impossible to control the actual owner of the data: the building owners and tenants and the community that uses and maintains the public areas. It is therefore also not possible to share insights with building service providers like cleaning companies and other facility management providers.

The challenges for the use case:

  • Sharing sensor data from buildings is difficult to organise and keep track of (ie. who owns what) – multiparty sharing schemes
  • End users are not data professionals – there is a need for easy-to-use dashboards and applications that make data accessible
  • Data from sensors is sensitive and can’t be shared publicly to anyone
  • Multiple sensor providers – non-standardized data streams in syntax and semantics
  • Infrastructure and orchestration needed to make data streams from sensors accessible to multiple parties, consistent with legal requirements and consortium agreements

The Solution

The innovative approach is to use the AMdEX data exchange principles to solve the catch-22 to sharing sensitive sensor data. The approach is to actually show in real life that it is possible to share sensitive data between multiple parties and still stay in control of your own data.

A multi-disciplinary team will execute work packages in a 6-month time frame from the beginning of 2023 up to June 2023. In this use case, there are real users to provide sensor data and to use sensor data and will be involved in testing the results.

The use case experiment consists of two tracks. One track is part of the AMdEX fieldlab and delivers a dataspace with all stakeholders involved under the AMdEX framework. The second track is the i4Trust track to show the use of iSHARE and FIWARE components to enable the sharing of data on the AMdEX dataspace. Currently, iSHARE and FIWARE are not being used on the AMdEX.

Business Projections – Scalability

The experiment will demonstrate if and how to use the iSHARE and FIWARE components in combination with the AMdEX framework and governance organization. iSHARE may provide interoperability and scalability to AMdEX-supported dataspaces. FiWare compatibility of the AMdEX connectors may offer more flexibility and scalability for the Smart City case to use data provided on the AMdEX ecosystem.

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You can read more about i4Trust here.