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Smart AgriFood - AgroTrust

Improves the traceability and certification of agricultural products, comprising the interaction from the farm to the final consumer.

i4Trust Experiment: AgroTrust

The Challenge

There is a challenge posed by a lack of trust in food chain data, involving the final consumer and other stakeholders in evaluating agro-industrial products. Especially in the present day, where food products are increasingly brought to the market with claims of health benefits, sustainability, and authenticity, a lack of trust in food chain actors can also lead to a decline in consumer confidence in their ability to make informed food choices. Citizens want to be guaranteed privacy, traceability, the origin of products, and products’ quality assessment.

AgroTrust was inspired by the DigitalTwin paradigm and a secured and regulated data flow, a near real-time tracking of all the information collected on the digital history of agro-industrial products. AgroTrust guarantees the certification of products quality and healthiness to its stakeholders in the agricultural sector and market (agronomists, consortia, farms, consumers), despite falsification and imitation issues increasingly common in agri-food production.

The Solution

The experiment aims to create a transparent certification solution of authentic agricultural products, which reinforces the relationship of trust between the consumer and the entire food production chain, enhancing high-quality farmers and producers to guarantee food security for every citizen. At the same time, the tool will allow the farmer to manage the activities regarding plant protection treatments on their fields and their traceability using Blockchain technology to conform with all the legal obligations on a national and European level.

Business Projections – Scalability

  • The smart farming market is increasing year on year and has a projection that the market will double in less than five years.
  • New partners already in their network can be involved, such as the European Space Agency, SlowFood, or Thrive.
  • The approach is oriented to the new cross domains. AgroTrust can be applied to rice production, breweries, wineries, olive oil producers, IoT for food processing, and even the textile industry.
  • Not only for the agri-food sector or related fields, but the implementation of this project can also be applied to the health, energy, real estate, or construction sectors.

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