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Launch of iSHARE Satellites enables efficient data sharing in other sectors and regions

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The iSHARE data-sharing scheme helps logistics organizations in the Netherlands to operate more efficiently, save time and money and reduce their CO2 emissions. Research has now revealed growing interest in iSHARE in other sectors and countries too. Thanks to the scalable concept that forms the basis of the scheme, the iSHARE Foundation is able to respond to this demand.

Data sharing extends beyond Dutch logistics 

Over the past year, it has become increasingly apparent that the need for the iSHARE data-sharing scheme is not limited to the logistics sector or the Netherlands alone. Organizations in many other sectors and countries are wasting time and money on unnecessarily gathering and transmitting data that is already available elsewhere, often in a data hub.

Once they have an iSHARE identity and an iSHARE authorization, organizations can make their data digitally available to third parties through a data hub. Because the technical, legal, operational and functional agreements with which parties must comply are based on internationally accepted standards for data sharing, it is possible to obtain an iSHARE identity and issue iSHARE authorizations in any sector and any country. Additionally, the scheme offers scope for sector-specific and country-specific adaptations. All of this makes iSHARE a suitable ‘no-regrets’ solution for the secure provision of access to data for any kind of data-sharing initiative.


Moreover, the federative principle underlying iSHARE keeps the responsibilities decentralized and as close as possible to the market, namely with the users themselves. 

As a result, iSHARE can facilitate an infinite number of market organizations that are interested in becoming an authorization register and/or identity provider within the scheme, for example, irrespective of where they are based in Europe. Besides that, organizations that are keen to accelerate data sharing in their own segment or sector can now become an iSHARE Satellite. 

iSHARE Satellites take responsibility for their own operation and also have their own governance, marketing, information provision and ICT – all of which adhere to the scheme’s quality standards, of course. The network as whole must comply with a whole host of requirements, but members of the network can also benefit from centralized help and support, such as with marketing activities.

In summary, iSHARE is open and focused on growth and has broad market relevance. Moreover, because it is based on a scalable concept, iSHARE is suitable for – and can facilitate – an international roll-out.  

Click here to download extra information about iSHARE Satellites and their relation to the various other roles within the iSHARE scheme.