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Service Providers

To get started, the initial step entails joining the iSHARE network as a Service Provider. Subsequently, adhering to the developer manuals and step-by-step instructions is imperative to seamlessly integrate the iSHARE specifications and workflows into daily operations. Here’s a breakdown of the steps for Service Providers:

  1. Utilise trusted data sources with established reliability and accuracy to ensure consistent data quality. Examples include energy company’s data, government obligations, or land registry information.
  2. Aim for multi-to-multi connections instead of one-to-one connections for more efficient data sharing.
  3. Ensure simplicity in the initial data service to allow for easy recognition and diverse potential applications. 
  4. Start with an existing API based on the identification, authentication, and authorization standard within the data space whenever possible.
  5. Label data properly to identify the relevant parties within the data space, such as using EORI numbers.

By following these steps and leveraging the iSHARE Trust Framework, SaaS and cloud companies can enhance their data sharing capabilities while maintaining compliance and security standards.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information.