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Cookbook for Data Spaces

The iSHARE Cookbook for Data Spaces simplifies data spaces for everyone, avoiding technical jargon. It focuses on practical applications relevant today and guides you through the concept behind data spaces, their key functional components, and how to create them. This guide helps you design and establish functional data spaces that empower data owners with control.

Key Aspects Covered within the iSHARE Cookbook for Data Spaces:
  • Layers in Data Spaces
  • Roles within Data Spaces
  • Building Blocks of Data Spaces
  • Interoperability among Data Spaces
  • Practical Data Spaces Examples
  • Step-by-step Approach to Data Spaces

Why Do Data Spaces Matter?

Data spaces tap into untapped data potential, transforming data sources into valuable assets under your organisation’s control. Find inspiring examples on our Inspiration page.

We believe a data-driven, value chain-oriented approach will catalyse innovations that shape the coming decades. This requires breaking down barriers and embracing collaboration across the ecosystem.

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