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iSHARE Trust Framework

The iSHARE Trust Framework is designed as a sophisticated solution for seamless business data sharing between organisations.

The Framework offers comprehensive specifications and agreements at various levels, including legal, functional, operational, and technical aspects. This ensures governance, interoperability, and trust among data space participants. Notably, it can be tailored to various organisational data sharing needs.

One of the Framework’s core features is its description of functional roles. These roles represent the different ways organisations can interact within a data space. The Framework’s agreements and specifications are designed to meet the basic requirements of different data spaces. To assure federation of all aspects, and no single points of ‘failure’ or ‘power’ in the structure, all roles are defined and can be executed by multiple parties. 

Role Definitions

The iSHARE Foundation plays the role of the Scheme Owner. It is responsible for maintenance of the Trust Framework and admission of Data Space Authorities in the network. 

The principle of a role is that its execution can be done by the same legal entity, but the interface specification assures that always level playing field / federation is possible. 

For example: A Data Owner can decide to also be Data Provider when they have their own ERP connected to the network, and even in combination can also be their own Authorisation Registry. Regardless of that all API’s to the Data Provider and the AR are similarly exposed. 

So let's look at the roles: 

The Trust Framework introduces two core role types: "Adhering Parties" and "Certified Parties”.

"Adhering parties" directly engage with data and adhere to the "accession agreement for adhering parties." These roles include: 

  • Data Owner or Entitled party: Organisations with rights to access specific services or data.
  • Service or Data Provider: Organisations offering services for consumption. 
  • Service or Data Consumer: Organisations using services provided by service providers. 

"Certified Parties" are certified to facilitate trusted exchanges between Adhering Parties. They adhere to the "Accession Agreement for Certified Parties" and encompass these specific roles:  

  • Satellite or Data Space Authority : This role facilitates admission of new participants in the data space, governing the data space, assessing parties' adherence to data space agreements, and granting them access. The Data Space Authority also admits members to the Participant Registry for the data space. Detailed operational procedures for the role are available in the operational aspects page and the Wiki. Governance is pivotal in data spaces, making the role relevant to all iSHARE use cases. 
  • Authorization Registry: Organisations providing authorization registry services.
  • Identity Provider: Organisations offering identification services for humans. 
  • Identity Broker: Organisations serving as intermediaries between Service Providers and Identity Providers.