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For SaaS & Cloud Companies

The European Data Governance Act and the upcoming platform act enforce you as a SaaS company to provide your clients with full control of the data you store. Next to GDPR of course also business data needs to be protected, but also used. 

iSHARE is the trust framework for controlled data sharing, in a simple and generic way. With iSHARE federated trust network and authorization registry services you are assured legally and technically if specific data from your clients can be shared with others. And this actually can be a business model, in providing iSHARE data sharing as a service to your clients. Because your clients will want to make data available to third parties like Governments, Value Chain partners, etc. 

With the use of iSHARE you:

  • Save the development of authorization structures within your applications
  • Can next to share also get access to other data sets of your existing clients at other platforms (with authorization from your own client) 
  • Maintain the trust of your clients to carefully handle their data 
  • Are in line with the European data governance act and platform directive.
  • And .. iSHARE certified identities can help you to make the login to your online services much more secure. 

The first step for you also is joining the iSHARE network as a service provider through this link

Then follow the manuals for developers and follow the further instructions.