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For Data Spaces

Buildup of a new Data Space or developing a Data Space to the next level towards becoming a federated infrastructure and driving real change in your domain and enable current and future use cases like AI. 

One of the key items next to the buildup of your data space is the governance and trust of participants, where following design principles bilaterally bring one on one trust, the challenge is really in scaling and designing for cross data space interoperability and trust. 

That is where iSHARE comes into the picture for data spaces, bringing: 

1. Federated Legal framework for all participants, optional data space specific legal

2. Participant trust registration and administration

3. Participant disocovery and cross data space interoperability

4. Standard and available service providers for Authorization Registries to save guard data sovereignty of the data owner

5. Data space profile registration

6. Trust Governance

So lets take these aspects one by one:

Key aspect for trust is the assurance that legal entities take full responsibility on the handling of data in the data space, so having clear generic terms of use that cover every data interaction in a federated way, so no bilateral contract but an overall legal umbrella that covers all the transactions in the trust network. But also cover base Service Levels and a few other aspects that define the success of the data space. 

Next to the generic terms of use and onboarding agreement, the iSHARE framework accommodates the use of data space specific additions to the contract, like specific SLA’s , specific liabilities etc. 

2. Participant trust registration and administration

To register all the participants in the data space and ensure that the coverage by the legal framework is digitally verifiable the iSHARE participant register node (iSHARE Satellite), build in a Distributed Ledger across all data spaces using iSHARE, the core component.

Within the iSHARE Node (which is in line with the IDS ParIS Role), data space administrators can register participants with 

  • Their unique ID (EORI numbers in line with EU Identification) and 
  • EIDAS identification and public key. 
  • Register signed Terms of Use and possible additional terms and 
  • Additionally checking the Chamber of Commerce documentation to assure that the contract is legally signed

With that the base registration is done, but to allow for discovery and cross domain interoperability the iSHARE ledger stores among other data, a few pointers: 

  • Capabilities end-point, to allow to find where data services from a participant are reachable and what standard. 
  • Authorization end-point, to allow to find where a participant has their authorizations available for querying. 

Please check the exact use also in the For Developers page

The administration of participants we have the webinterface on the Satellite Node or API’s to it for automated registration:

3. Participant discovery and cross data space interoperability

To allow for automated participant discovery in data spaces there are a few end-points defined that provide a few key insights for data spaces to operate: 

Parties End-point
Retrieve data from single participants in the iSHARE Satellite, but also form multiple participants across data spaces. Check out more details here.
Every node implementation is equipped with API’s and with that can serve within the data space a s the single source for party information with the performance level to the data space.

4. iSHARE network of Authorization Registry Service Providers

Next to the open source available on Github (iSHARE, i4Trust)  there are multiple Authorization Registry Service Providers available in the iSHARE network already, with that enabling data owners in your data space to start with the lowest possible threshold. The current parties are available here. 

5. Data Space Profile Registration

Satellite data spaces are registered to allow for clear administration and discovery, as a part of that there is a pointer available in the network to find the data space definition.

6. Trust Governance

The iSHARE Trust network and framework are governed by the iSHARE Foundation under oversight of the Participants, further details here