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For Data Owners

There is so much data in the cloud already that you own, and with the danger of losing control and losing oversight. And at the same time the there is a massive need to actually use the data. 

Think alone on the regular reporting that you do to governments, market participants, suppliers, clients, etc; with data that you pull out of online platforms, like your energy provider, your transport management system, your bookkeeping. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share that data with your partners and broader organisations by just allowing them to access your specific data sets? For instance allowing the Statistics Agency of your country to access only the key characteristics of your transportations, within your Transport Management System. And with that save time to send that reporting. 

Good to know that the European Commission is totally on your side, with the new Data Governance Act and the requirements for clear control of who is accessing your data. 

iSHARE is the trust framework, partly funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020),  that enables organisations to give each other access to existing data, both in cloud and onsite platforms with structured data (Like SAP or other ERP’s). 

By utilising iSHARE’s Trust Framework you have the certainty that organisations accessing your data are legally covered with the Non Disclosure Agreement and will stay in the licence you gave with your data. And secondly, you have the assurance that only data that you authorized will be shared with the party that you also authorized. 

iSHARE is a totally federated structure and legal framework, enabling trust, data protection and data sovereignty within Data Spaces. With this we enable Data Spaces to be formed along with specific federated services which are agreed per domain / data space:

With that, we are building on the structure of the project and play a clear role in the data spaces development and work alongside and in line with the International Data Spaces Association Reference Architecture 4.0 and in line with the Gaia-X principles for data spaces. Where Participants are clearly trusted and where data owner (you) control access and sharing of their data in a federated way. 

To start using iSHARE as a data owner the steps are pretty simple:
1. Register your company as data owner at one of the Satellites
2. Register with an authorization register service provider or start your own