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Digital onboarding of parties

iSHARE enables organisations that have a legal right to their data to control access to their data via digital consent. Hence the onboarding of those parties with a legal right or entitlement to their data is a crucial factor. These Data Owners, Data Holders or (the official title in iSHARE legally) Entitled Parties are the largest volume of parties.

Therefore we enable Data Spaces to do digital onboarding on those Entitled parties to simplify the process and have the option to do volume onboarding in a simple way, with the use of the API’s to the iSHARE Satellite node. These API allow Certified Satellite parties to onboard these parties with the use of an Identity of the right trust level (Level of Assurance). The API itself and the documentation is available to Certified Satellites only.

The flow for new Data Owners to onboard the iSHARE network is then extremely simple:

  • Login with an Identity Provider that has correctly validated your organisation and your role to sign legally on behalf of that organisation. For instance EIDAS IDP E-herkenning or other EIDAS IDP’s or other iSHARE Certified IDP’s like Secure Logistics.
  • Digitally sign the the iSHARE accession agreement, and optionally the additional legal terms of your data space.
  • Register with a certified Authorisation register , probably made available through your data space operator.

And with that a data owner can onboard in matter of minutes. out to us to become an iSHARE Satellite to use iSHARE for your data space.