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CBS transport survey, automatic and safe

The Topsector and SUTC currently have the task to connect road transporters to the CBS in context of the transport survey. These connections will be built by the TMS-developers themselves.

The iSHARE foundation received the assignment by RWS to help TMS suppliers enrich these connections based on iSHARE principles. The foundation will advise on how these connections must be configured, built, or deployed. In addition, assistance will be provided for creating an iSHARE-identity, setting up the correct authorisation policies for an authorisation register, and testing the connections with CBS.

A TMS supplier that makes use of iSHARE, merely has to implement a connection for all its customers for which the customer authorizes the CBS to access their data in an authorization register. This will allow a TMS supplier to benefit from economies of scale.

To further support TMS developers, the iSHARE foundation will provide a subsidy of €500 on behalf of RWS, for each successful customer connection that uses the iSHARE agreements.

RWS’s goal is to rapidly grow the client base of a TMS supplier that uses the iSHARE framework.

If you are a TMS supplier, and wishes to participate in this program, of if you are interested in further information, please fill in the form below:

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You can also contact us directly. Please send an email to with subject line: Data sharing system road transport iSHARE.


The commission “Data sharing system for road transportation” is part of the project “Container transportation in the chain”. This is an ongoing project where data from the transport sector is collected in order to improve traffic and transport models by RWS.

Since this data is sensitive and cannot be requested by any individual, companies require that their data is being handled with care.

iSHARE was developed with in mind making data sharing more secure and easier to use. This data sharing system has the goal to make data sharing in the transport industry both easier and safer.