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iSHARE evolving to align with Gaia-X and DSBA

Dataspaces i4Trust

The i4Trust program leveraging the iSHARE Trust framework and FIWARE components and is evolving to align with Gaia-X and DSBA technology convergence results

The core objective of the i4Trust program has been to accelerate the development of federated and interoperable data spaces throughout Europe with existing components of FIWARE and the Trust framework and components by iSHARE. 

Through recent collaboration between iSHARE and Gaia-X, both parties have agreed to align their Trust Framework to assure convergence and acceleration of data spaces on a trusted basis, with the aim to have harmonized interfaces and trust levels. Following a similar vision that iSHARE has already manifested in its collaboration agreement with IDSA.  This discussion aims to be in line with the technology framework as being developed by the Data Spaces Business Alliance, but of course trust doesn’t follow from technology alone hence procedures and legal are a part of the bigger picture. 

The Decentralized Identity and Access Management framework of i4Trust will also evolve to align with results of recent Technology Convergence discussion under the umbrella of the Data Spaces Business Alliance.

In the i4Trust program these updates will be minor to the work that needs to be done, but greatly advances the potential of the projects to scale after completion! 

We are thrilled to share this development of the i4Trust framework of FIWARE and iSHARE towards harmonization with the Data Spaces Business Alliance and Gaia-X activities. We hope i4Trust will be one of the many projects/programs that will be following the same direction – all striving to accelerate the evolution of data spaces and creating true impact for the European economy..

With the closing date of the 3rd of October of the second open call it might be an extra reason to hand in proposals before the deadline on

With the result that i4Trust projects of the Second Open call will become aligned with progress under the Data Spaces Business Alliance and Gaia-X activities and hence are a great push forward to the convergence of standards in Data Spaces.