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i4Trust to launch ‘Train the Trainer’ programme for Digital Innovation Hubs


i4Trust, the European project in which iSHARE, FIWARE and FundingBox are working together to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors and locations in Europe to improve data sharing, is about to launch its Train the Trainer programme for Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

i4Trust will provide SMEs with the ​tools, coaching, mentoring and financial support needed for the ​creation of ​‘data spaces’, thereby facilitating trustworthy and effective B2B data ​sharing. As a result, ​SMEs will be able to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, whilst also reducing their carbon footprints. They will also be able to collaborate with other parties from multiple sectors to build innovative services around data value chains.

In combination with a DIH, SMEs can submit concrete projects for new data-driven products and services for consideration for i4Trust support. A DIH assists companies during the digital transformation on a non-profit basis by acting as a local point of contact for any questions and challenges related to digitalisation. An overview of DIHs can be found here.

i4Trust’s Train the Trainer Programme

The i4trust community is looking for DIHs to engage in a process of collective learning and human endeavour to grow and scale SMEs’ ideas in their regions. The aim is to unleash the potential of data sharing and enable cross-domain data value chains.

A comprehensive Train the Trainer programme created in collaboration with data-sharing experts from the FIWARE and iSHARE foundations will help to equip DIHs with the necessary know-how to support the market transfer of the selected SME projects in the launch phase of i4Trust.

Front-running DIHs leading the way in the data spaces revolution

The DIHs that participate in the Train the Trainer programme will attend free technical sessions combined with practical exercises supported by the i4Trust technology experts. This will conclude with a FIWARE Expert certification exam to demonstrate the level of expertise gained during the training. 

Once certified, the DIHs will have the opportunity to join the FIWARE iHubs network and benefit from new revenue streams such as certifying products in the FIWARE Marketplace as well as providing FIWARE training, coaching, technical consultancy and support services. The DIHs will also be eligible to become an iSHARE Implementation Partner, iSHARE Satellite or iSHARE Authorisation Registry.

Last but not least, DIHs can support SMEs in their own ecosystem to digitally transform by helping them to submit concrete data-sharing projects for consideration in the i4Trust Open Call.

i4Trust ambassadors

If the DIHs want to go beyond the technology, they can contribute to promoting the i4Trust mission, vision and value proposition by appointing an ambassador. i4Trust ambassadors are allowed to join specific sessions in the Train the Trainer programme devoted to business, ecosystem building and finding suitable projects.

i4Trust ambassadors will become part of the i4Trust community together with the local data-sharing experts. They will receive support to promote local challenges within different application domains through i4Trust channels while searching for promising use cases (fostering cross-domain/cross-border projects). The i4Trust consortium will establish a formal medium/long-term relationship with all DIHs that are part of the ambassador programme.

How to join

Join the i4Trust DIHs Working Group by completing the registration form available at:

The deadline for the first training group is Monday 19 April at 12:00 h (CEST). Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the i4Trust experts during the sessions and discuss any questions or concerns.

The i4Trust Open Call will be launched on 10 May 2021. DIHs may still join after this date, but they will be required to arrange their own training and completion of the i4Trust Expert certification exam.


The i4Trust Train the Trainer programme will run from 26 April to 21 May, combining face-to-face webinars with individual hands-on exercises.

If you are a DIH interested in participating in the Train the Trainer programme, go to:

If you are an SME interested in joining the i4Trust community, please contact us for more details and to find a suitable DIH.