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iSHARE in AUTOMA+ 2023

AUTOMA+ is an annual closed-door networking congress that gathers leaders and innovators of the healthcare industry. As we are all living in the digital world now, healthcare experts and organisations are aiming to reach digital maturity, exchange experiences and build their own way through the digital healthcare space.

During 2 days of intensive networking professionals from hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies together with medical device manufacturers, service companies and startups will present and discuss such hot topics of the industry as sustainability, AI and Robotics solutions, personalisation, data management, privacy and trust, hospital of the future, pharma digital transformation, Healthcare 5.0 and many others.

Our colleague Vinith Bhandari will have a conversation with the healthcare industry colleagues about Empowering Responsible Data Handling for Digital Health. This talk will delve into the critical aspects of responsible data handling within the realm of digital health. The focus will be on leveraging digital tools to ensure the security of private health data while simultaneously fostering patient trust in the digital health landscape.

Central to the discussion is the implementation of iSHARE, a pioneering Framework designed to facilitate trusted data sharing. By addressing data sovereignty and reinstating control to data owners, particularly patients, we will explore the means to securely and ethically harness patient data in the digital health domain. iSHARE’s aim is to empower individuals to take charge of their own health data, while also promoting its use for improved healthcare delivery, research, innovation, and policymaking.

Ultimately, Vinith will highlight how iSHARE Framework plays a pivotal role in enabling Data Sharers to harness the full potential of safe, secure, and ethical health data exchange, utilization, and reuse.