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Global Hybrid Conference.

Digital Sovereignty and Data Sovereignty: these are terms that seem more complicated than they are. Everyone knows examples of the same data being transferred from one system to another. In addition, too much data is often shared without being necessary. In addition to being inefficient, this is also prone to error and fraud. The exchange of data stands or falls with trust. With whom do you want to share which data and what can be done with it? Sharing data between companies and individuals involves legal, technical, operational and functional aspects. Having control over your own data not only ensures compliance with legislation, but also offers opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

Due to European data privacy legislation (GDPR) and the growing pressure from society to store data locally, it is very important for companies to invest in their own data infrastructure and technology.

As a digital leader, it is therefore important to understand how data and digital sovereignty affect your business. 

iSHARE director Gerard van der Hoeven will join the panel discussion with Dutch CIOs and Digital Leaders about what Digital Sovereignty means for their organizations.

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